Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Role Does Spiritual Thinking Have in the 21st Century? Interview with Dr. Charles Taylor

2007 Templeton Prize winner Charles Taylor is a genial man with a predisposition to laughter, often at himself. Perhaps more importantly, for a thinker who coined the term "malaise of modernity" he is also an optimist. That he, is considered a philosopher's philosopher by his peers, exhibiting a rare mastery across an impressive spectrum of ideas only increases admiration. The author of more than a dozen books, including the widely praised "Sources of the Self" and the forthcoming "A Secular Age," Taylor's work explores a dizzying array of disciplines–philosophy, religion, political theory, moral theory, and ethics, among others. Lindsay Waters, executive editor at Harvard University Press, says, "Charles Taylor's passionate philosophy allows him to zero in on the most distinctively human issues of our time, and not be afraid." In the following Q&A, Professor Taylor explains the importance of the concept of mystery to our understanding of the universe, why "God is not Dead," and whether he is a fox or a hedgehog.


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