Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mission Inspired Ennio

Ennio Morricone, the famous composer
who wrote the musical score for many
films, at age 78 has received a long-
awaited Academy Award.This year he
received an Honorary Oscar for his
whole career. Among all the scores he
has composed, he is particularly
attached to the music he created for
The Mission, the well received film
about the Jesuits inParaguay. Back in
1987 he was a contender for the Oscar
for original score, and in a recent interview
with Vatican Radio he expressed his
disappointment for not having received it.
He said that, in his opinion,The Mission
was the most beautiful music he had ever
composed. When asked why he said:
"Perhaps itis due to thedeep empathy I
felt with the joint sacrifice of the Jesuits and
Indios…This communion between Jesuits
and Indios impressed me profoundly

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