Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Nun, a part of civil-rights history, documentary ‘star’

Nun, a part of civil-rights history, documentary ‘star’

During the past few weeks Sister Antona Ebo, a Franciscan Sister of Mary, has been making national news – again. She and a number of Catholic sisters were pioneers in the struggle for civil rights in Selma, Ala., back in 1965. Now a PBS documentary, “Sisters of Selma: Bearing Witness for Change,” is telling their story, 42 years later.


TCR Musings said...

Kevin, in the future if you would cite the sources from which you lift stories and photos I'd appreciate it.

Can't locate the appropriate courtesy reference.

Thanks and God bless,

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portinexile said...

No problem Stephen. I had thought the title of the post linked back to your blog, but I guess I messed it up. [FYI, the Berdyaev title links to you, and there is an explicit source to you at the start of the article]. I'm new at this blogging lark, and my only focus is to get the information out and spread the word, not to take any kind of personal credit for the info. Anyway, good to hear from you again. Peace, Kevin