Monday, March 19, 2007

Military Abortions: Prolife Christians at the Crossroads---Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

From Stephen Hand at

Is preserving borderline neo-fascist Muslim dictatorships (Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, etc.) or control over oil fields or the vain posturings of patriotism just the "complexity" the pro-life movement needs to find the exception to its total rejection of
in utero homicide?

If not, why was the Church's pro-life movement not being a microphone for those screaming in silence in the wombs of Iraqi mothers as thousands of abortions took place due to the US-UN embargo of Iraq? If not, why is the pro-life movement not now the lone voice in the world pleading for the lives of those Iraqi children presently in the womb who are about to be torn limb from limb by the dogs of war? Both Old and New Testament are clear: Where more is expected silence is sinful...

...The time has come for a clear, unambiguous position statement and for political action by the Christian pro-life movement on behalf of the unborn children of Iraq and by extension on behalf of the unborn children of all countries in all wars. I believe God could be trying to raise the value and significance of the Christian pro-life movement in His salvific designs, but to do this, the movement must have the courage to say an unequivocal "No" to a misguided patriotism that ignores or justifies abortions as just "military operations." If, however, the pro-life movement now succumbs to the temptation to start "hair-splitting" or cleverly "side-stepping" its uncompromising and vigorous defense of ALL the unborn, it is finished as a moral force for it will have become the embodiment of the untruth it opposes: "I am against abortion, but…"

So to be clear, the Church is now being called to pass through the fire of Her own teaching. The integrity of Her response today will be the measure of the power of Her proclamation tomorrow. Murder does not become anything less than murder because it is mass murder. Logical pettifogging and rhetorical chicanery are what the pro-choice movement practices in order to justify abortion. These deceitful mind games must not become what the Christian pro-life movement practices in order to justify mass abortions - even if the Church's good and profitable relationship with the nation-state is jeopardized...


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