Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Benedict vs. the War Party- Neocon 'theologian': "Benedict XVI is pope of the 'American Left' "

[Picture: Eric Drooker]

Justin Raimondo, at

"...These new Crusaders, however, are not Christians: they are pagans who worship Ares and celebrate the "warrior ethic" of the Spartans while disdaining the Sermon on the Mount. They represent a new theology of power that has claimed the allegiance of much of the secularized West, a kind of anti-Church Militant intent on usurping the gospel of Christ and replacing it with the gospel of – well, of Satan. Remember that Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, was cast down from heaven for the sin of hubris: he thought he was a god, rather than a mere angel, and aspired to challenge even God Himself – a delusion only slightly less megalomaniacal than the neoconservatives' Middle Eastern project.

The pope's bold statement is a sign of the rebirth of the resistance to the plainly evil forces that have had the upper hand until now. How appropriate that it happened on Easter, a celebration of regeneration and the resurrection of hope. Ah, but every bright cloud has a darker lining: as if to dramatize the biblical warning that the Devil often cites Scripture, we have the neocon theologian Michael Novak justifying America's unholy crusade – and where else but in that formerly pro-Catholic magazine, National Review? Novak writes:


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