Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free book: "FAITH: SECURITY & RISK..." by Richard W. Kropf

I just saw the book in the library earlier and it prompted me to find this site again. Worth bookmarking...

The Dynamics of Spiritual Growth

By Richard W. Kropf

(Originally published by Paulist Press,
Mahwah, New Jersey, 1990)
Copyright: 1990, Richard W. Kropf

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Faith and Happiness:
Faith and the Search for Meaning
The Quest for Self-Fulfillment
Meaning and Transcendence

Chapter 2: The Meaning of Faith:
Models of Faith
The Anatomy of Faith
Faith, Hope, and Love

Chapter 3: The Beginnings of Faith
The Stages of Faith
"Undifferentiated" or Instinctive Faith
Intuitive Faith

Chapter 4: Literal Faith
Myth and Belief
Fundamentalism and Biblical "Inerrancy"
Faith and Morality

Chapter 5: Conventional Faith
Adolescence and Conventional Faith
Society and Security
Conscientious Conformism
Catholic Traditionalism

Chapter 6: Personal Faith
Crisis and Conversion
Excesses and Regressions in Personal Faith
The Refusal of Faith
The Risk of Commitment

Chapter 7: Conjunctive Faith
Personal Integration and Conjunctive Faith
Ecumenical Faith
Openness or Indifference?
The Risk of Risking

Chapter 8: Unitive Faith
The Perfection of Faith
The Risks of Sanctity
The Night of Faith
Faith Beyond Beliefs

Epilogue: Can There Be a Universal Faith?


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