Thursday, August 30, 2007

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy podcast: Behold the Lamb

Pie and Coffee Podcasts Emmanuel Charles McCarthy podcast: Behold the Lamb

Here’s Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy’s recorded retreat “Behold the Lamb” in podcast form: podcast feed list of recordings

“He takes as his central theme the Nonviolent Lamb of God and focuses on this biblical symbol and reality as the true icon and transcendental model for encountering God as revealed by Jesus, and for understanding and following the Way of God as taught by Jesus.”
More info at the Center for Christian Nonviolence site.
At a time when I had more or less convinced myself nonviolence was the way to go, I attended a small talk by Father McCarthy which sent me racing down that path.
Here’s the first part of the series, to whet your appetite:
Behold the Lamb pt 1: Hide Player Play in Popup

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