Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One of the responses to Cindy Sheehan's article at Commondreams.org


Thank you for all you have tried to do. Your efforts have once again proven to all of us that the insidious virus affecting American culture is deeper than one political administration’s renegade assault on the Constitution, or our predatory economic conspiracy to control the world’s resources aided by our reprehensible military-industrial appetite for pre-emptive mastery, or our violent and hedonistic-escapist popular culture, or our religious complicity in support of Empire, or the impoverished collective imagination that can’t conceive ourselves to be mutually-interdependent inhabitants of the earth but only as winners. The old word for our personal and cultural dis-ease is “sin,” now manifest as an implicit master-race anthropology that is systematically engineered through vast and pervasively competitive socialization processes that shape and support our way of being (in)human together from cradle to grave. The remedy is another old fashioned concept–repentence–personal and corporate. Against the temptation to despair that I share with you, Cindy, I continue to hope against hope that our faith communities will one day (soon) awaken to their prophetic heritage and call us all to repentennce–that is, to reconsider our human vocation to be responsible creatures, caregivers, and stewards of life. “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

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