Thursday, May 31, 2007

Michael's article causing a bit of a stir:

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Response to the responses

m | General, Theology, Political, Church, War/Militarism | Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I figured that my Memorial Day piece would cause a mild stir, but I didn’t expect quite the response that it did get. Part of the interest was certainly due to the fact that I cross-posted the piece on the Vox Nova blog, a brand new political Catholic blog that has gained a fairly wide readership although it has only been around for a couple weeks now. Most of the responses in the comboxes (here and at Vox Nova) have been positive.

There have been a handful of negative responses on various Catholic blogs. I won’t make too much of the responses, as most of them are quite predictable, and simply reflect the kind of thinking that I argued against in the first place. Some even used creative terms like “fruitcake” and “jerkwad.” Nice.

Perhaps the most interesting response was from the blog of Jay Anderson who compares my stance with that of a group of vandals who drew swastikas on the gravestones of veterans in Washington state. So instead of actually critiquing my ideas, even in a predictable way, Anderson makes the ultimate low blow by comparing my critique of American idolatrous nationalism to antisemitic hate crime. Um, ok. These sorts of mindless reactions are really sad to me because they reveal where the hearts of many American Catholics truly are, where their true allegiances lie.

Morning’s Minion responded with a positive, two-part piece here and here.

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