Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ten propositions on penal substitution, by Kim Fabricius

“If you need a theory to worship Christ, worship your f---ing theory!” Stanley Hauerwas


Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

I love Hauerwas. I haven't read much by him, but I like what I have read.

Very helpful link Kevin. I was in a lengthy debate with someone ealier this year who was trying to draw a direct line from Aquinas' to Calvin's thinking on this. I don't think that there is one. Aquinas follows Anselm, and that distinction between Anselm and Calvin as described there is very good.

I've seen some of those commentators on some other blogs I know. What a small blogging world it can be.


portinexile said...

I just discovered this guy today and have been reading a bunch of his 'ten propositions' posts [to the detriment of my 'to do list'].

I too liked the way he clarified Anselm's theory and nuanced it from Clavinism. The thing is though, I like reading all this theology stuff and feel like I definitely learn a lot from it, and it verifies many of my intuitions, but my reading is so haphazard and sporadic that I don't think I could concretely verbalize what I feel and debate these issues in any productive way, although I love following the discussion threads. Plus, time is an issue. but hopefully it trickles into my consciousness and my daily life. If nothing else, it keeps the wolf from the door and nurtures in me a sense of hope. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the link Jeff. I will probably be off the internet until the new year, so have a happy and peaceful Christmas.