Wednesday, September 12, 2007

American Workers being Overworked

H/T VoxNova:

And then we wonder why there are so many divorces and broken families…

From CNN:

• The American worker has the least vacation time of any modern, developed society.
• In 2005, 33 percent of workers said they would be checking in with the office while on vacation.
• One-half of workers reported they feel a great deal of stress on the job.
• Forty-four percent of working moms admit to being preoccupied about work while at home and one-fourth say they bring home projects at least one day a week.
• Nineteen percent of working moms reported they often or always work weekends.
• Thirty-seven percent of all working dads said they would consider the option of taking a new job with less pay if it offered a better work/life balance.
• Thirty-six percent of working dads reported they bring work home at least one day a week and 30 percent say they often or always work weekends.

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