Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Review of Joe Bageant's "Deer Hunting with Jesus"

[Be sure to check out Joe's website also. The book is great, but I think the writing on his website is even better]

A Review of Joe Bageant's "Dear Hunting with Jesus"
What's the Matter with Winchester?


Joe Bageant's book "Deer Hunting with Jesus" is a book anyone in out-sourced America who still maintains any working class sensibility absolutely must read. Any urban, educated leftist who wonders why the great mass of meat hunting, NASCAR-loving, cryin'-in-your-beer, country music-loving, overweight, bible-thumping American bubbas continue to vote against their own self-interests and help the GOP purloin elections and man (and woman) the front lines of endless imperial wars will be smacked upside the head with the answers.
As my good buddy, roofing contractor John Yackshaw, a son of rural Iowa, who read the book simultaneously with me (the same actual book) notes, "This book answers the question What's the Matter with Kansas?"
John's referring to Thomas Frank's earlier book that came at the same issue and opened the dialogue. But, like any top-down, scholarly work analyzing an exotic species, Frank's work comes up short on down-to-earth answers compared to this book written by a son of the same permanent underclass he lovingly, funnily and angrily writes about. CONTINUE...

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