Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Immigration and the New Global Plantation, by Judith Moriarty

Via Stephen at TCR

Immigration and the New Global Plantation
By Judith Moriarty

The real issue of the immigration crisis is lost in the orchestrated media hype of intolerance and charges of racism should anyone dare try to discuss this in a rational, coherent manner.
Small rust belt towns with their echoing factories shipped overseas are suddenly overwhelmed, and thus their tax base (meeting medical, welfare, housing, education needs) goes through the roof. Many in these small towns, absent the auto job, meat packing job (now overtaken with foreign workers), textile plants etc, have citizens working at two or three service sector jobs to survive or are on fixed incomes. They are made to support the ever escalating costs of government employees (state and local) and to pay for the obscene medical costs (ever rising) for these employees, while they are unable to afford their own basic medical needs.
None of this is discussed in the theater of these ridiculous election debates (really scripted sound byte nonsense). Why should it be? These government officials are well cared for in their medical coverage - again by taxpayers. They are afforded the best of (instant) care in the finest of hospitals. Dick Cheney's numerous heart operations - medications - and an specially equipped hospital room, in his residence is easily paid for ---by us.
Meanwhile the common man is subject (if he is fortunate to have coverage) to some drone sitting in a cubicle leafing through a book of regulations, to determine if such and such a procedure or medication is approved! Mastectomies are all but drive-through operations - with only the elite, and the politicians, afforded more than a day of specialized care in the hospital. If you're homeless - tough luck - you're dead. In my experience working with the homeless I never saw ONE (mostly young) AIDS individual survive over a year - not a ONE (no Magic Johnson treatment here).
Clinton, Bush and the Global Plantation
Nowhere do we see it discussed as to why millions are dispossessed from the land of their births / culture / family connections and relocated, or having to escape to foreign lands as economic refugees). None of the draconian effects of these various trade treaties in their quest to construct a global plantation of sorts to satisfy the corporate money barons is ever discussed on the public stage. These treaties go unread or debated by Congress with only an up or down vote taking place. ... CONTINUE


ratbert said...

right on! global plantation puts it very well. i like your blog. i am not religious, particularly, probably caused by my mormon upbringing, but i am certainly intrigued by the possibility of religious teachings to argue against this horrific system. sometimes i think i am more christian than the people who lead us. and i don't go to church!

portinexile said...

Thanks, I didn't write the article, just linked to it. it's by Judith Moriarty - see link at top of article. As to being 'religious', I think many 'non-religious' people are more Christian than self professed Christians who are good at talking the talk and quoting the bible to judge people but don't roll their sleeves up do the hard work of loving their neighbors. See this quote from an article i just read at the same site i got the immigration article from: "For there are those who do not use a single bible quotation anymore, and yet they fight for God, for truth, for love, for fellowship. They fight for the betterment of the poor so that they may at last come out of their misery. They may not use the name of God, but I believe they shall hear the words, Go into the joy of your Lord. I do not know what I have done to serve You. Yes, yes! You served me. Whatever you did to relieve human misery, whatever you tried to do to make things better on earth, that you did to me[see Matthew 25]. Who knows but that these same unbelievers will not be the majority of those who enter the kingdom of heaven, for it is sterling quality that matters here...."


Peace, Kevin